Proof that Public & Private Sector Partnerships for education can work together

Proof that Public & Private Sector Partnerships for education can work together

Working in collaboration with Ashfield School, to deliver Young Apprenticeships in Catering and Hospitality, we were delighted to hear that the Charnwood academy would be involved in a transversal visit. 

The visit was organised for Visitors, whom work in the Education sector overseas, to provide an insight into the educational and vocational system in the UK.  We received a letter from the Head of College & Provider Services @ EMFEC

Many thanks for the hospitality and informative presentations and tour you kindly arranged for our Transversal visitors last week.  They really enjoyed it and they were buzzing about it for the rest of the stay. They have nothing like the Skills Centre in their countries - in fact some countries find it difficult to mix private and public sector or seek private sector sponsorship, as there are rules against it (in case of bribery! ).
The delegates thought the ethos of the school and the opportunities for young people were amazing and learned a great deal about quality processes in schools - they were able to put into context the theory they had learned.
Thank you for your input, and please thank Alan and Nicki also. The delegates liked your honesty and frankness and I think they realised that self-assessment and quality improvement (and Ofsted) allow this openness to exist so improvements can be made (rather than putting on a show). It was insightful and helped them draw together all the information they had listened to over the week and think of improvements for their own organisations. 
Please thank the Charnwood academy - the delegate were very complimentary about the food and venue. 

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